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Back from the dead…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on March 4, 2014

Hello All,

I was really surprised at how much time has past since I last did anything on this project.  It’s been in the back of mind to get back to it for quite a while.  Anyway good news.  The project has been revived.

This project was put on the back burner because family life and work need to take priority.  I’m happy to say my little ones are growing up nicely and I’m getting my evenings back for coding.  Also during this time I was also joined Ovine By Design (www.ovine.net) to make some mobile games.  While mobile games are fun to do, we want also to get back to our roots and make some games that aren’t commercial.   Therefore this project will now become an Ovine By Design game and you can follow the progress over at…


See on the other side 🙂