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Happy New Year…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 1, 2011

Happy new year all 🙂 I’m typing this with a slightly dulled head after a good nights celebration.  I didn’t post a screen shot today on twitter because I didn’t have much in the way of interesting to show.  However this doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on ROTJ.  Last week I got a book on Game AI which I have been getting my head around.  It’s got some great examples, but they are all written in C++, plus they are all 2D based.  I’ve managed though to convert some of it over to BMax and 3D.

I’m finding it a lot of fun and an interesting challenge to write decent AI for the first level.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun playing against semi smart Tie Fighter etc.  It also means it will be quite dynamic as I can drop in fighters all over the place and they will just do their own thing, which means each battle should be different.  Hopefully will post a video in the coming weeks once the AI is up and running fully.



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