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Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on March 25, 2010

Well it’s been too long between posts.  Work is insanely busy at the moment with two projects going live in April.  Looks like no Easter break for me.  Roll on May when we start the whole process again but in another country and another language :s

Anyway I was determined to get the first part of the engine / editor working, and finally that bit is done.  I now have a lovely editor for creating and editing 2D shapes.  These can be loaded into the engine and mixed with 3d.  The 2D shapes will be treated like conventional sprites, in that you can rotate, scale, colour, move them etc.  You can also assign different handle points, so you can rotate around it around any point (eg centre, or top right etc).  I will add some collision detection to these as well so it the 2D part can stand on its own and can be used to make 2D vector games.

All in all the speed is really nice, and is faster than the old method I was using so Im convinced it worth the effort of rewriting it from scratch.  With the extra speed and the fact that I know the all the code I will be able to much nicer things 🙂

Here’s a silly video showing a 2D shape overlaid with about 500 tie fighters.  On my machine I’m getting around 500 – 600 fps, but video capturing software limits it to 60.

So what’s next?  Well besides the 2D collision functions, and some special FX functions I will start work on the Font Designer but I guess that won’t be until May 😦