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Reporting in…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 27, 2010

Been busy with the boring side of game development – making editors.  Since I’m writing the engine from scratch I needed to rework the editors to take into account the new optimised way of rendering.  Im also planning on releasing the whole engine as a framework for other people who may be interested in writing similar games.  With this in mind I taking a little more time over developing the editors as it has to be robust enough for public use.  Right now I have nearly finished the 2D shape editor.  Next will be font editor, and then the 2D screen layout editor.  Once this is done I will work on the 2D part of the engine and knock up a quick demo and release the source.

Still on the topic of programming, there was an interesting article over at … http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2010/jan/26/casual-gaming-indiegames Its worth a read, and has been contributed to by Robert Fearon and Charlie Knight who have both released some great games in the past year.

Also whilst hunting around on the internet for all things vector related I noticed a very nice update to the Vectrex emulator ParaJVE Its still in beta stage at the moment, but those vector glows look fantastic.  I hope to replicate something similar myself 🙂


So fari, So Goody as Christopher Biggins would say…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 6, 2010

Just a quick update… I’m a fews days in now writing my own OpenGL engine and all is well.  I’ve managed to load in some vector models and tonight I have the camera pick working.  Which basically means I can draw objects in 3D space and select them with a mouse.  The speed improvement so far is excellent even on my low spec Mac.  I had about 500 Tie Fighters flying around with an FPS of around 270.  When I ramp it up a bit and have a 1000 ties, it drops to around 113 FPS.

Tomorrow hopefully I will upgrade to OSX 10.6 which should bring my OpenGL drivers upto 1.4.  Its quite annoying that there doesn’t seem to be any other way to upgrade these drivers without an official Apple upgrade.  With Windows it simple (and free).  Anyway once Im up to OpenGL 1.4 I can start on adding some nice effects like blur and glow shaders.  This will be optional as not all cards will support it, but most now should.