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Change of plan…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 31, 2009

After spending a bit of time working on the code for the game I still wasn’t happy with the performance I was getting.  When I had more than 3 hidden wireframe objects on the screen I saw quite a bit of slow down.  I revisited the code and couldn’t see any way of making it faster, so I had to think of a new solution.  The new solution is quite drastic.  Im going to ditch the MiniB3d engine and write my own OpenGL graphics engine. MiniB3d is very good but I think the way I am using is not the best.  Also it includes a lot of code with I’m not using and I don’t fully understand how it is all linked together.  Therefore I think its best if I start it fresh and write my own specific / streamline engine just for vectors.  There will be quite a few advantages…

  • Speed should increase (using VBOs)
  • I will understand fully the code and can therefore optimise it
  • I should be able to also apply my own shaders, so perhaps I can have glowing vectors after all.

Another downside of how I am doing things today is that I am having to loop through all the vertexs of an object even if they aren’t used.  With my engine I will be able to elimate this and therefore should be only processing a smaller amount of vertices (giving more speed).  Also the current code uses both Max2d commands and OpenGL, so it can be confusing.  I want to make everything OpenGL.  Overall I think this is the way to go.


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