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Sometimes the solutions are in front of you…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 3, 2009

I did a little more work on the cab last night.  During the day I was thinking again about how to do the round joints which link the two sets of pipes together.  Originally I thought I would make them from scratch using perspex, but decided against this as I thought it wouldn’t look too good.  So yesterday I started to think about what was laying around the house that was round and could be cut into shape.  I went through various things but nothing was really suitable so I went back to desk and there in front of me was the answer…  I had a stack of blank CDs and the cover for these was perfect.  It had an interesting shape and was easy enough to cut.  After a little tinkering here are the results…

Tonight I hope to do a little more filling to smooth the edges, and then I will start the last bits on the bezel.


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  1. Jerky said, on December 5, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    I understand the whole “negotiating with the wife” thing to work on your cab. 🙂

    How’s ROTJ coming along?

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