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Config update, and more…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on April 29, 2009

Well, my little present arrived!  It’s a nice original Star Wars yoke.  Huge thanks to Scott for this 🙂 I have converted it to run on the PC using the interface from the Microsoft Dual Strike controller, and it works lovely.  Its been over twenty years since I last played Star Wars using a yoke, and I’ve come to appreciate how important it is for the overall feel of the game. – Just a quick addition… the terrible box that the yoke is mounted in is only temporary, and will only be used whilst making and testing the game.  The yoke will have a much nicer home when everything is done.

On the game side of things I have been optimising the drawing routines, and have learnt a lot about OpenGL in process.  The upside of the optimisation is I have a few more FPS to play with, and hidden line routine looks a hell of lot better than it did before.  I’ve also started work on the path routines which I will use in the first stage.  

Here is a little video to show the updates made over the past couple of weeks…


Some Boring But Important Stuff Done…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on April 17, 2009

This week I worked on the behind the scenes stuff this week as my brain hasn’t been working very well due to sleep deprivation (though I’m loving being a father).  So what have I achieved between changing nappies and working?

+ Added config.ini file, allowing users to change settings to suit their systems (Screen Size, Controller Options, Game Play options, Invert Y axis etc).

+ Added user interface to change all these setting direct from within the game.

I’ve also added Analogue joystick support now.  In fact pretty much everything input is customizeable now.  In the past I could never figure out how to make the joystick work like a mouse and then it hit me… it’s so simple I felt stupid when I figured it out.  Anyway it works lovely now and when I get time I may add this to my 3D Star Strike remake. 

I’m concentrating on making the game “Mame Cab Friendly”.  By this I don’t mean it will run on Mame, but rather it could be installed on the same machine as Mame and use the same keystrokes etc.  Therefore if you have a Mame cab that has a coin door then my game will read these inputs as well.  The idea being you can have all the Star Wars vector games in one cab, and it should be transparent to the user what the game is actually running the game.

Launcher Done… more or less

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on April 9, 2009

Our new baby kept us up all night and I gave in trying to sleep around 5.30 this morning.  In the two hours before starting work I managed to knock up the game launcher.  The idea that this will be the first screen you see when boot up the Star Wars Mame cab.  I think I will revisit it again in the future to add some little outro effect.  When it’s finally in place I will ensure that the mouse cursor doesn’t pop up when switching between mame and the launcher so everything will be black between the switching.


Also related I’m quite excited about something nice arriving in the post from the States in the coming month 🙂  Once its arrived and all hooked up I will show you what I mean.   In the meantime you can see a video of the launcher in action here…



Happy Easter all 🙂