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Quick update

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on February 15, 2009

Another week down and another good result for Wales who beat England 23 – 15.  The score didn’t reflect the game as both sides played well, but Wales just had the edge in the end.

Anyway back to game making… This week I only had a few hours to work on the game.  That said I now have nice plasma bolt working and  I hope to get a mock up of the first stage working by the end of the week (time permitting).

I’m thinking I will make the first level a lot less of a rail shooter than the original Star Wars game.  I want to give full control to the player to allow them to fly to where ever they want.  However I will also have to ensure the player has clearly defined objectives, otherwise the player may fly around aimlessly.  I’m imagining the first level in ROTJ  would be similar to the opening level of Empire Strikes Back where the AT-ATs fade into view, except the AT-ATs would be Imperial Star Destroyers.  Nothing is set in stone yet, so I will try this out and see how it feels.

Regarding the second level, I have rewritten the user control routine and now the controls feel much better.  Also the new vector drawing routine looks much better, and now there are no glitches it gives a larger scope for game play.


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