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A little break through…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 28, 2009


I haven’t posted much this week for a number of reasons, however I am still busy working away on this.  The main reason for not posting was because I have been frustrated in resolving an issue with the vector engine, which I discovered after loading my Star Destroyer model into it.  The issue was to do with “clipping”.  It’s difficult to describe, but basically somewhere along the line a 3D engine needs to convert all the 3d (x,y,z) coordinates to 2d (x,y) to display them on the screen.  My vector engine then simply draws a line between these x and y positions.  Clipping is when the engine decides which of the 3d coordinates it should convert to and x and y and which it should ignore.  It does this based on if the coordinate is visible to the camera.  This is where the problems lays.  I need to know the 2d coordinate even if the coordinate is not in view, otherwise I cannot draw the lines correctly.  This normally wouldn’t be an issue as I could limit the players movements to ensure that everything is visible.  However I want to allow the player to have full control of the craft in the game, so if they want to go skimming along the surface of a Star Destroyer they can.

Anyway I’ve been pluging away at this problem for a good 4 or 5 days now, and I finally had a small break through today.  It’s by no means implemented yet, but its a light at the end of the tunnel (let’s just hope its not the lights of an on coming train).

Bye for now.


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