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Animation continued…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 19, 2009

I only had limited time this weekend to work on ROTJ.  I managed to grab a couple of hours between getting the house ready for the arrival of Baby Nixon in early March and hunting for a new car which we can actually fit a pram in.  Seems strange that we have to buy a car to suit a pram and not the other way around, but I guess it would be over ambitious of us to expect to get everything we need in a 3 door Toyota Yaris.

Anyway back to the topic…  I made a example model for testing purposes and read up on animation software. I finally plumped for Fragmotion as it seems to the most advance for its price.  I made a test animation and put it through my vector engine and discovered a small problem.  It appears MiniB3D did not return the vertex position for animated meshes.  Instead it always returned the vertex position of the default pose of a model.  In laymans terms this meant the model didn’t animate on the screen.  After a few hours I managed to come up with a hack to fix this.  I will need to formalise this hack over the coming days to implement it neatly into the vector engine, but at least now I know its possible to have animated models in the game.  After this I will start on coming up with the final animation for the AT-ST.

In the meantime this project seems to have built some interest.  I had a great email from Steve with a load of gaming ideas (Steve I will send you a mail about these later today).  Cheers for your mails and comments everyone as it spurs me along.


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