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A Forest

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 13, 2009

Well it seems our hacker friend defaced all the websites hosted on the Retro Remakes server which includes a couple of mine www.urbaninteractive.net and www.starstrike.urbaninteractive.net.  Whilst I have the back ups to restore http://www.urbaninteractive.net, I’ve decided since its been a long time between updates that I would just but a simple page in place.  The Retro Remakes site is not fairing well, with poor old Bob working stupid hours to get things up an running, and all for what?  It seems our hacker has been very busy with over 2500 websites defaced in the past 4 months, and from what I see this guy doesn’t care who he attacks.

Anyway, I managed to find half an hour today to test out an idea I had for one of the levels.  Below is quick piccy.


The idea was to test the speeder bike level and to see if I could draw a lot of trees without any major slow down.  I’m pleased to say that yes I can.  Heres a small video showing it in action.  Don’t take too much notice of the controls or the actual graphics as this will change.  This was just a test.  In the final version I will look at how to place the trees in a better manner, and the player controls definitely need work.


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  1. Marcy said, on January 13, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Nice progress! Keep up the awesome work! I definitely look forward to get a copy of the game 😉

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