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Quaterions and Eulers…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on January 4, 2009

Hhhmmm all is not as rosey in the MiniB3D garden as I thought.  Little did I realise but the commands to turn an object are different than the command I previously used.  This lead to some odd behaviour when turning objects (which will happen a lot in the game).  It took a little while to figure out exactly what was playing up and then even longer to come up with a solution.  I think I have it sorted now, but more testing is needed to ensure the dreaded Gimbal lock doesnt occur.

In the meantime Max3D has been released sort of.  We have waited a long time for this, and I think I will still wait a little longer before using it.  It seems from reports I have read its not complete and it looks like it will turn into an open source project.  Personally I perfer a tried and test solution, peferably maintained by a small focused group.  I think open source is fine if managed well, but it soon can turn ugly and loose vision when lots of people add it the source code.  Also Max3D seems to have mixed results on different machines.  Therefore I think I will wait abit.  In the meantime  I am keeping my eye on Flow3D which looks very promising.


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