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Attract Screens

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 30, 2008

I’ve been working on the attract screens yesterday and today.  So now the game has a nice hiscore table, and a logo intro with the famous star wars scrolling text.  I still need to do the points, instructions screen, level select screen, and hi-score entry screens.   These shouldn’t take too much time.  In the meantime here’s a rough video of the first two attract screens…

Return Of the Jedi from Andrew on Vimeo.

I’m seriously going to have to start thinking about how the game play will work soon.  The first level with be the most complex I think and the one I want to tackle first.  I’m also going to have to look how to ensure the vector lines don’t go haywire when the connecting vertex is off the screen.


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 26, 2008


Christmas was really good this year.  Had a nice family meal at home, and plenty of time to relax.  Santa was kind as well.  I got a nice portable hard drive which is handy for backing up my stuff and also allows me to develop stuff on just one hard drive instead of having to sync it back on forth with my laptop.

Also got Retrogamer magazine on Christmas day and it had a review of my last remake 3d Starstrike…  It was well received and Im quite chuffed.

Did a little work plugging the 3d vector routine into the main code and so far I can import 3d objects.  Over the coming days I will start adding functions to move the objects around.  Here is a screenie showing 2d and 3d together…


3D Vector Editor Completed

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 23, 2008

Managed to complete the 3d Vector Editor today.  It now loads a b3d model and allows me to connect the vertexs I want.  I can also define the colour and the alpha of each line.  Work has also started on the making the models.  At the moment I have just created the Tie Fighter as a test.

The next step is to write the loading routine for the main game so it can load the models.  Then onto the actual functions to control the positioning, rotating etc of the vector models.

Christmas time in Luxembourg

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 18, 2008

This week Ive been in luxembourg working. I haven’t had much time to work on ROTJ. However I did start work on the 3D vector editing tool. Basically it loads a mesh and then allows the user to select the vertexs which need to be connected together. I still have a bit of work to do on it but I am happy with it so far. I want to add the ability to also define the line attributes I.e. The lines colour and the lines alpha. I am taking next week off so after I have done the Christmas shopping I hope to spend some time finishing this off.


Be my baby

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 14, 2008

Didnt get much done over the weekend, but managed to paper the whole of the nursery (which was a bugger to do).  I also built the cot and changing unit, so its nearly done.  Tomorrow Im off to Luxembourg again, and I hope I can get a couple of nights to code.  I did manage to code the basic shield display routine.  I just need to code the actual transitions from one shield level to another.  I also managed to add the starfield and it looks pretty nice.

I will also soon have to start on porting across my vector routine.  This shouldnt be too hard and will give me an excuse to optimise that code as well.  Right Id best pack my bag for a 4.30am start tomorrow… yippee…

Minion Strikes Back :)

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 12, 2008

Only a little done today so far.  Just finised the players lasers routine for the x-wing, and I tried to replicate how the original did it.  Lots of nice trig involved, but I think I cracked it.

In the meantime Minion has been busy making a follow up to his Star Wars remake.  He has opted for remaking “The Empire Strikes Back” in glorious 3D.  It would be cool to see the whole series completed by him:)  You can check out his screenshots over at http://www.retroremakes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=12377

This evening there will be no more coding as Im about to start wallpapering the nursery for baby Nixon…

X-Wing Cockpit Done

Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 11, 2008

Managed to do a little more coding today.  I started by making sure that my 2d vector routines were scaleable.  They now resize and reposition regardless of the screen resolution.  Thankfully the 3d vector routine does this by default.  I also modified the 2d font editor to become 2d shape editor.  It now allows me to load in a graph image and trace around it to create 2d shapes.  So with this I traced the Return of the Jedi logo (the old version), and also the x wing cockpit as shown below.


The cockpit also moves just like the original 🙂  Think tomorrow I might consider how the lasers fire, and then onto the starfields.


Posted in ROTJ by urbaninteractive on December 10, 2008


Just thought I would set a up a blog to record the development of my new game.  Over the past few months I kinda lost my way and became unmotivated to write a new game since finishing 3D Star Strike.  I started to make several including Battle Zone and Uridium, but lost interest along the way.  I guess one problem was that I never really enjoyed the originals anyway so the passion to remake them was limited.

So I thought for a while about what to do next, and then it struck me… Retro Remakes held a competition and one of the categories was “Sequels that never were”.  Then I started to think about the Star Wars arcade machine series, and how Star Was, and Empire Strikes Back were made using vector graphics, however Return of the Jedi was an awful raster type game.  So why not remake Return of the Jedi in the same vein as the other two games i.e. vector graphics.

I’ve been mulling over this idea now for about 3 – 4 days, and have come up with the following possible sections :

  • Battle of Endor
  • Speeder Bike Chase
  • Reactor Tunnel

Battle of Endor could be a good fun.  I’m not sure if you should fly an X-Wing or the MF at this point.  At the moment I think it should be an X-Wing perhaps protecting the MF.  Of course you can fly the MF in rector tunnel.

Ok, so that’s the idea for my new game.  I started to code some little routines and decided I will use BlitzMax.  So far I have a basic vector font routine all written.  I will also need to port over my vector graphics routine which I wrote in Blitz3D.  Below is the just a test to see if the lines work ok.

The infamous teapot shot